Packing And Home Moving Tips

Packing to MoveWhile purchasing a new home is exciting, do you think the moving part is fun? Follow these simple tips to make the move easier on you:

  • Make Use Of Your Travel Luggage: Pack enough clothing for 5-7 days, all of your medications, and your OTC meds, pain relievers, hot pad, etc., in your luggage, and then pack your luggage in your vehicle. That way, when you get to your new location, you don’t have to search through boxes or have to wait for the movers to deliver your home contents to you.
  • Make Lists: First things first…make a list of important the items that are frequently used by you and your family. These should include the things that are important for daily life. Do not include the things that are no longer important or have not been used in the last three years, as they would be considered of no use to you.
  • Label Cartons and Boxes: Remembering what is each which box after they are sealed and stacked up is almost impossible. Label each box and mark them with room name and numbers. Use these identity numbers to unpack the boxes and cartons one by one. Keep all this information in a notebook in your bag, not packed in one of the boxes. This notebook will be used to keep track of the things that are present in the boxes. Keep a running list of the items in the boxes, and keep that list with you…not packed in the box. After arriving in your new home, you will need to first find the kitchen plates, bowls and cups, and the food stuffs. To remember the items that are in each box, you’ll want to refer to the labels to find the right box containing what you need.
  • Communicate with Utility Companies: Contact the utility companies at both your old and new home locations and set up the disconnect/connect dates ahead of time. Many utility companies require deposits for new service and charge disconnect fees for old services, so you will want to be aware of them beforehand.
  • Plan a Garage Sale: Just because you no longer have need for various items doesn’t mean they are trash. Remembering that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure is important here. As you go through the house, packing room by room, set aside those items that no longer mean anything to you, are no longer wanted or you no longer need. Dedicate space in one room of your home or garage area…and move those items to area to keep them out of your way. Plan your garage sale for right before your move. Set out signs, borrow tables or set your items out on the lawn, and remember to get lots of change.
  • Plan Ahead: Without proper planning, you could find yourself trapped with loads of work to do and not enough time, which will add stress to the moving process. If you have an animal, consider boarding or ask a friend to keep the animal while the move is actually happening. Doors will be left open moving things in and out. A stressed out dog or cat on the loose can cause undue hardship on all concerned.

There will always be hiccups in every move. But by following these tips your move should go relatively smoothly.

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