Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Showing

  1. Replace heavy drapes with lightweight sheers during warmer months to give a room a brighter, lighter feel.
  2. Lighten up. Some people like to live in dark houses. Leave the shades up and the drapes opened. Homes show so much better with light.
  3. Declutter your home. Remove personal photos, box up children’s toys, clear out some of the clothes from the closets so that it appears that you have plenty of storage, and remove personal items from the kitchen and bathroom counters.
  4. Make the fridge smell fresh instantly with cotton balls soaked in vanilla extract or orange juice.
  5. Clean the Oven/Stove/Range Hood. Run the oven through its cleaning cycle, clean the range hood, stove top, sides, and front, replace any coils that are not working and replace all the drip pans.
  6. Wash and Degrease the Kitchen cabinets.
  7. Fluff the lumpy comforter by having two people vigorously shake the quilt up and down to redistribute stuffing.
  8. Shut some air conditioning vents on the first floor or basement so that more air will reach and cool the second floor. Reverse the process in winter for heat vents.
  9. Resist the temptation to spot-clean walls since it will make the rest of the wall look dingy. Instead, refresh the walls and trim with a new coat of paint.
  10. Size up the competition. Walk through model homes in your area to see what professionally staged homes look like. You can get a variety of great ideas to prepare your home for sale.
  11. Define the space. Creatively define each space to highlight its use. Create a mudroom that is neat and orderly, a home office workspace, or a kids afterschool room with chalk boards and desks.
  12. Add simple curb appeal. Thoroughly clear all little branches, rake the leaves, and trim the bushes. Every landscaping detail proves that you care, and this translates to buyer appeal!
  13. Give it a power wash. Rent or borrow a power washer and give the house a good bath—especially the garage doors.


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